This version of the Ublox GPS Shield is a complete GPS module that is based on the Ublox NEO-6M. This GPS module uses the latest technology from Ublox to give the best possible positioning information to get the most out of your flight controller.

  • Anti-jamming technology

This module also includes a larger built in 25x25mm active GPS antenna with a UART TTL socket. 

Okay, so once the Ublox has power it takes a minute or two for it to get started. (I guess this is called a cold start). The green LED on the Ublox will start flashing.

Click on the Ucenter icon.

Click on Receiver Port Select the COM # that your Arduino comes up 

Click on Receiver Baudrate Select 9600.

You should see some activity on the right side of the screen(see picture)

Note: on the bottom, it shows Com5 9600 ublox 6 and NMEA

The screens in the middle show satellite information.

The screen on the right shows latitude, longitude and altitude.

Note: FixMode is 3D/DGPS.

Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) means WAAS is working.

HINT: Especially indoors, this may just say 3D. Also the DGPS may take several minutes before it displays.

Configuring the Ublox Neo-6M. The way I did it is:

view - configuration view(see next picture)


Nav Mode

Dynamic Model: Pedestrian

Fix Mode: Auto 2D/3D

UTC Standard: USNO(GPS) {Doesn’t save??}

Click on send lower left corner

NOTE: Pedestrian mode probably won’t make much difference but for my application it is more accurate. See ProductSpec

view-configuration view (see next picture)

Subsystem: Enabled

Services: Ranging

Apply SBAS Correction data

Number: 3


Click on send lower left corner

NOTE: This forces WAAS. The more general term is SBAS(Space Based Augmentation Systems)

NOTE: There are other configurations you can change like Baud rate and sampling rate.

Okay, the two sends above send it to the Ublox GPS but it doesn’t save it. To save, do the following.

(see next picture)

Main menu



Save config

This saves it to (I believe) the EEPROM on the Ublox-neo-6m pcb.

WARNING: Close ‘u-center’ before disconnecting GPS. Otherwise u-center will lock up and you will get a Blue screen.

The next picture shows the Deviation Map. Each GPS sampling shows in yellow, which changes to green when the next sampling occurs. This shows the readings have drifted about two meters.

U-center has a lot of other features, one I like it Google Earth. It will show the GPS location on Google Earth.

So that’s what I’ve learned about the Ublox-neo-6m so far.

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