Electronic Temperature Thermal Sensor Module for Arduino       
About Thermistors are inexpensive, easily-obtainable temperature sensors.  They are easy to use and adaptable.  Circuits with thermistors can have reasonable outout voltages - not the millivolt outputs thermocouples have.  Because of these qualities, thermistors are widely used for simple temperature measurements.  They're not used for high temperatures, but in the temperature ranges where they work they well. Features Thermistors are temperature sensitive resistors.  All resistors vary with temperature, but thermistors are constructed of semiconductor material with a resistivity that is especially sensitive to temperature.  However, unlike most other resistive devices, the resistance of a thermistor decreases with increasing temperature.  It is due to the properties of the semiconductor material with which thermistors are made of.

Module Features
1. Using the NTC thermistor sensor with good sensitivity
2. The comparator output signal is a clean waveform which has driving ability of upto 15mA
3. Adjust the temperature distribution bit detection threshold
5. The output format: Digital switching output (0 and 1)
6. With bolt holes for easy installation
7. Using a wide voltage LM393 comparator

Module Usage
1. The thermal resistance of the module is very sensitive and is generally used to detect the ambient temperature
2. You can change the temperature detection threshold (i.e., temperature control value) by adjusting the potentiometer.
3. The output can be directly connected with the micro-controller to detect high and low, thereby detecting the ambient temperature changes
4. The output can directly drive the relay module, which in-turn control a thermostat to control the operating temperature of related equipment. It can also be connected to a cooling fan to cool the heated surface
5. The detection range of the module's temperature is 20°-80° centigrade 6. This module can also be replaced with a wire temperature sensor for testing water temperature Size: 3.2cm x 1.4cm Package include 1 x Thermal Sensor Module

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Thermal Sensor Module

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