Technical Specifications:

Applications Board can be used to read code from 125kHz RFid tags or identification cards.

Key features EM4100 125kHz transmitter and reciever Signal is coded using standard Manchester coding Communicates with a microcontroller via simple interface. Sleep mode consumption only 1µA. Operating Voltage Board is designed to use 5V power supply only. Be careful to use voltage translators on communication lines when connecting it to 3.3V systems.

Key Benefits Compact design suitable for integrating the board in your final device.

Board can be used both as a reader and as a transmitter Ready-to-use examples save development time

Applicatons: Rfid based attendance system Rfid based smart shopping system  Rfid based medical file tracking system  Rfid based inventory management system Rfid based access control system -security  Rfid based library management system  Rfid based security guard monitoring system Rfid based asset tracking system , Rfid based vehicle parking system Rfid based toll gate collection system Rfid hotel room access control system . Rfid based product identification for blind Rfid based blind indoor navigation system. Rfid based dual authentication system for software application , Rfid based industry supply chain control system Rfid based smart conveyor

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RFID Reader Module-TTL 125Khz 1 Card and 1 Key Chain Rage upto 8 Cms

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